One Life Raw Juice Bar

Now Open!

Myers Park, NC

2927 N. Selwyn Ave

Charlotte, NC 28209

Bunch of lavender
Bowl of red berries
Green smoothie

One Life Raw Juice Bar logo on a plate

Fresh carrot

Wooden chopping board

Eat better, feel better

One Life Raw Juice Bar is an Organic specialty bar offering raw vegan tapas, veggie based smoothies, cold press juices, nut mylks, holistic juice cleanses and spiked cold press cocktails. Our focus is to help our customers maintain and enjoy the “One Life” that has been giving to them.

One Life Raw Juice Bar thrives on helping and educating others with self-awareness, wellness and being the healthiest you can be, along with providing fresh local products that will give you the vitality you’ve always wanted.

Juicy orange slice
Cashews on a wooden spoon
Bowl of strawberries